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You think you're a SEXC BIOTCH ??

Let us be the judge of that !

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Don't be fooled by the name of community. We are no way biotches here. We're a very nice & close nit community/family. Don't join if you're a mean bitch, it will get you no where fast.

Do not apply here if you can't handle rejection.

Do not apply here if you're not going to remain active. All my members in here are beyond active, therefore no slacking. We're a very close nit community, therefore if you're not going to add to it, don't join. We're not just a community to add to your list, we expect activeness and participation and we do member cuts all the time for inactivity !!

.01) You must be at least 14 years old, if you're younger, you'll be rejected automatically & banned from this community. Male & Female are both wanted.

.02) You must fill out the application below.

.03) When applying, you must put * Sexc Biotch is for lovers? * in the subject line. If you don't, auto rejected ! Also, when you put in your Age/Birthday please put it like this - 17/ Oct 1st, 1987, it makes it easier to read than writing out everything longhand.

.04) Do NOT TyPe LiK DiS ... it's annoying as shit, and makes people look stupid.

.05) Do not vote or post until you are an accepted and stamped. YOU MAY NOT COMMENT ON YOUR APP unless a member asks you a question. It's annoying when you say thank you to every person who says yes and makes it harder to add up the votes. Do it once you will get warning, do it again we will BAN YOU!!

.06) There will be NO DRAMA. We don't have time to babysit, so let's keep it cool in here. Do not apply if you cant handle rejection. Be prepared to here things that you might not wanna hear. You're here to be judged, not us. For the most part, we are all nice and dont treat people like other communities but we do say what we want.... Not all people are going to vote *yes* for you, so don't get mad & talk shit to my stamped members or moderaters, you will be banned & cussed at.

.07) If you are rejected, you may re-apply after 5 days, with NEW pictures & a new application. The same pics & app won't be aloud, due to the fact that there probably the reason why u didn't get accepted the 1st time. After 1 rejection, you may re-apply. If you get rejected the 2nd time, you may not re-apply. Therefore, after #2, don't bother comin back.

.08) No promoting in my community at all unless I ok it. This is a rating community, not a promotion community, take that shit somewhere else.

.09) Anyone who doesn't follow these rules will be banned and can suck a big fat one <3

.01) When voting.... there is a difference between constructive critisim & bein a bitch. If any MOD, feels your out of line with your comments, you'll be warned ... it happens again & your gone. I realize we all have our own opinions on things, which is fine, but there will be a certain degree to the negativity in here.

.02) You must promote this community the best you can.

.03) You must put YES or NO in the subject line, I don't see it, your vote is deleted.

.04) When voting do NOT put something like " yes cause im in a good mood or no cause i'm in a bad mood " or "no because you look like this person I hate" ... that's fuckin retarded. You vote will be deleted. Were voting based on apps & pics, not on what kinda mood your in or if they resemble someone you dislike !!

.05) If your just posting, you must put STAMPED in the subject line.

.06) When participating on themes or challenge, you must make a NEW POST, put *stamped theme or challenge* in the subject line and pics need to be behind a LJ CUT. Themes run from Sunday to Sunday.

.07) Every week we will do a MEME challenge. 2 example MEMEs will be posted and all you have to do is fill it out yourself, and show us your results. Each MEME posted will be worth 1 point. Please post the two MEMEs in the same post whenever possible. MEME Challenge run from Tuesday to Tuesday. Please put "stamped MEME" or something like that so I know that it is your MEME challenge. Note: If you suggest a MEME that is then used you will also receive a point.

.08) The point system. Members will be recieving points for different things done. At the end of the month, the member with the most points will recieve the prize of the month, which could be an icon, banner, free user pics, a free layout ... whatever I feel to do for that month :D

.09) Sexc_Biotch of the Month. Nominate any member you wish, which will run during the dates listed by the Mod. The votes will be counted and then the top people will move onto the next phase. The next phase could be a variety of things, depending on the Mod's mood, this phase will run for the alotted dates listed by the Mod. The winner will then have their picture put on the info page and given bragging rights for the month.

.10) Superlatives. Every 2 weeks a topic will be picked. We will make a post and you will need to comment with a picture, that goes with the topic of the week ( ex: eyes, smile, car, hair etc. ). Remember, comment to the post, dont make a new post. After a week, I will make another post for people to vote on a person, who they feel should win the topic of the week. This will run from Saturday to Saturday. They will get a winner banner, a place on the user info and of course, the right to flaunt their superlative !

Just copy & paste the application how it is below. Do not edit it. The lj-cut is already included in it and don't use rich text mode when pasting this, or it will not work !!

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Just Copy and past the Code for the Stamp you want to use.


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