stefy (stefylovesit) wrote in sexc_biotch,

Sexc biotch is for lovers?

-- B A S I C S --

Name: stefania
Nicknames: stefy, steph
Explain what your user name means/why you picked it: haha, i didn't really picked it =X for some reason i couldn't make a new account on livejournal so i asked a friend for some help. she entered the first thing that came to her head.
Age/Birthday (Month, Day, Year): 15/ June, 28th, 1990 (yeah, I'm almost 16)
Your 3 favorite colors: pink, purple & red.
Significant Other ( pics are nice ): noo.
Location: chile
Tattoo's or Piercings( pics are nice ): just one in each ear lobe.
School/Working: school, grade 11.
Hobbies: shopping, dressing up, trying new hairstyles, being with friends & talking.

-- F A V O R I T E S --

Singer/Bands: i have a very open music taste. i listen to everything, it depends on my mood. some of these would be the killers, the strokes, kelly clarkson, ashlee simpson, rihanna, black eyed peas... it really depends on how i feel and what i want to listen.
Song at the moment: i have a few, i can't just think of one.
who knew - pink
walk away - kelly clarkson
maneater - nelly furtado
hips don't lie - shakira
Stores: kosiuko, rapsodia, coco rayado, zara [i doubt you know these, they are from south america]
Fav phrase/saying: 'whoooooa'... i don't know why but lately i say that all the time!
Movie of the moment: i'd say da vinci code... mainly because i read the book and i was fascinated by it.
TV show: lost, gilmore girls, 8th and ocean, made & the amazing race.
Drink: i don't drink alcohol =) so i'd go to the basics... coke!
Food: pizza & tony roma's ribs =)

-- M I S C. --

Show us something funny: .. not that funny, but that's the first thing that came to my head =X
Biggest Pet Peeve: fake people, wannabes, people who change to be more 'popular'.
A lyric to a song, that you believe describes *you* in some way: (please keep it simple, NOT a whole song!) But since you been gone / I can breathe for the first time / I'm so movin' on, yeah yeah / Thanks to you, now I get what I want / Since you been gone
Most embarassing moment: i guess it'd be when, as i walked to enter my classroom the first day of school, i turned around to see who was behind me and bumped into the door. :/ i thought it was open!
Name 5 things you can't live without: my family, my friends, my cell phone, my computer & my mp3.
Tell us 1 crazy fact about yourself: if i want something to happen, i just day-dream about it :p it works a lot! not always, but it does!
Who is your celebrity obsession ( pics are nice ) & why: mary-kate olsen, sienna miller, ashlee simpson. i love their fashion style.
also britt (8th and ocean), emilia attias (argentinian model), luisana lopilato (argentinian model/actress) three gorgeous girls that without being the blonde-blue eyes stereotype, are still stunning.

Tell us a few goals you have in life:

-- C O M M U N I T Y --

What makes you stand out for you to think your Sexc_Biotch material: i'm friendly & i'm always open to new things so i guess i could make friends easy here.
Look at the member list, and pick 2 members & 1 MOD and say something nice about them:
x_callifornia - she's very pretty & i like her hat :P
_fxckable_love_ - apart from the fact that she's gorgeous, i entered her lj and there's so much to see! it's quite interesting!
ashley - her lj is so cool! i spent a good time seeing her movie and music picks! we seem to have a similar taste =)
What makes you want to be part of this community and what do you feel you can add to this community ? i was asked to join and it seems to be a very nice place. also i really liked the fact that it seems to be a very active site. i don't know much though [yet] so i can't think of anything to add.
We all are a very close community & friends, unlike others, do you feel you would get along with everyone and add to the closeness ? yeah, i prefer close communities so i guess it'll be easier
How about the MAINTAINER & MODS....... anything nice you would like to say about them: i think i can't say much because i wasn't accepted yet, but from what i can tell, it's a well-run site, and that shows what kind of maintainer and mods this site has =)
How's the app/layout/colors/banners in your opinion: i think they are very cute. the colors are greaaat =)
How did you find this community or/ who invited you to join ( make sure u put there lj name, that way they are credited for there promoting ): uh, i don't really know =( i deleted all my entries in my old lj so i can't say. i'm sorry =(
Promote sexc_biotch to 1 one person/community and show the link: stefylovesit
If you're accepted, which pic do you want on the members page :
Now post 3 or more clear pics:

funny face, don't ask ;)

as you might have noticed, i like editing pictures =)

these aren't the best pictures, but they are the newest :P

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